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How to Become a Top Rated Business

March 6, 2019

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As I entered the beautiful Mayo Clinic grounds in Jacksonville, Florida, I knew immediately I was going to experience a special visit. With its own campus dotted with specialty buildings and parking for only $5 to everyone, I entered hopeful the rest of the experience would be similar. It is interesting how the little touches make the biggest differences.

I sought out the Mayo Clinic for the appointment after someone said patients didn’t need a referral. I landed an appointment with a highly educated female dermatologist who studied in Cambridge, England. She was articulate, friendly and comprehensive in her care. 75 minutes after speaking with her, I left with more knowledge, hope and a plan of action to continue with other specialists at the Mayo Clinic and in Syracuse.

From the moment I arrived at the Clinic to the follow-up phone call this morning, I have been impressed with this top rated medical facility and staff. I think they created the word “friendly” for the dictionary. As you know not every medical encounter exudes excellence. If the sunshine didn’t enhance my five day medical trip to Florida, the staff at the Mayo Clinic did.

Has my alopecia been cured in this one trip? No but the visit put me one step closer to figuring out a course of action because I’m not ready to give up yet on the diagnosis and return of my hair. My inspirational calendar’s quote says it all, “Do what your heart leads you to do.” Coming from a family of doctors, I believe in being the best medical advocate for myself because no one else can speak for me and understand what I need to move forward. I’d like to believe my intimate ties to people in the medical field has given me this wisdom but it could be the fact I am tenacious and don’t take dead ends easily (although I’d take split ends).

As women business owners we hope our reputation speaks for itself drawing customers to our top rated services through character, referrals or decades of experience. Being a top rated provider doesn’t necessarily mean being found on the Internet, it comes from people knowing you are excellent in knowledge and service with a customer focused communication style and delivery. To be top rated in any field means paying attention to the details in every area of service.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you to strive to be a “top rated” woman enterprise with excellence in service and reputation. Examine your business from top to bottom to see where you need improvement to excel in word of mouth advertising and referrals. Pay attention to when you need more knowledge to remain a top business in your industry so clients contact you for appointments instead of needing to sell all the time. Live your mission, share your mission and practice strong work ethics to deliver your mission.

You want to have customers’ hearts lead them to you when they need services or products you deliver. The best thing your business should be is top rated so strive for that in 2019.

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