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Creative Writing Needed in Business

March 13, 2019

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom for women entrepreneurs, women in business, small business

Imagine sitting in a serene, high ceiling room with a tropical fan sending cool wafts of air down from the peaked roof. At the table where you sit, you see an aqua pool surrounded by tall Maple trees and colorful purple and yellow flowers. Wind chimes hanging off the black fence magically play a tune for the butterflies.

Glancing over your left shoulder out the door and down a hill, you spot a quaint pond where blue herons stoop to find their dinner of wild fishpond life. Over the water are miles of rolling corn fields eventually cascading to a acre of land spotted with black and white cows feeding on grass next to a navy blue silo with a crisp white top.

Back inside over your right shoulder is a red bathroom with a modern silver and white hanging light and urban wall signs depicting cities where the owner’s siblings reside – Portland, Annapolis, Burlington, London and New York City. Framed next to the mirror is a photo of an iconic Kennebunkport lobster hut with two young boys smiling next to their father and Grandfather who is dangling a lobster just served for dinner. You can sense shenanigans have taken place in all these places; especially the lobster hut.

Thirsting for a cool drink, you cross the wooden floors to a small refrigerator hidden from view under a chocolate brown counter top. After grabbing a drink, you peer out a miniature window spotting luminous tomatoes growing on vines wrapped around fifty year old weathered wooden poles once used by the owner’s Italian grandfather. Two guitars, a microphone, framed record covers, a Woodstock 1999 photo and other musical memorabilia dress the quaint kitchen space making one feel at any time the space could be rocking.

As you stroll over to two comfortable couches next to a wood and glass table with a sound system on it, you pick up “The Bucket List” book and sit down to imagine new places to visit to fuel your adventurous spirit once you are done with your visit here.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom has a couple points of inspiration for you. The first is to never be afraid to improve skills you need in your career. Hiring a consultant, like I did for becoming a more creative writer, was well worth the lessons she taught me. Women entrepreneurs are not educated in all topics needed to run a successful business or better their career. Second, creative writing is a invaluable skill to possess to spruce up advertising materials, websites, and social media marketing sites when they need updating.

The final point to today’s editorial is literally to visualize yourself inside my rentable pool house and pool called “A Beautiful View” this summer. I am renting it out from May to September to Women TIES members, Wednesday Wisdom readers, women in business and women affiliated with me or my members. It is the perfect place to create, write, read, meet, paint, swim or just be happy. My place is your place so keep this peaceful vista and venue in mind.

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