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Entrepreneurial Word of 2019 – Flexibility

January 9, 2019

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Misty raindrops sputter on the window pane making it difficult to see outside with clarity. Darken skies can set an unintentional mood for our work day making us crave drifting back to sleep to wake up in a different locale with warmer, sunnier views. Welcome to the first full work week since the festive, jingling, jolly holidays! How are you feeling? Hopefully you aren’t feeling as dark as the view out the window.

Last night I answered provocative questions preparing a retreat facilitator for her job this weekend where she will be leading women on a journey to set intentions for 2019. It was fascinating answering these questions which included:

“What do you want to receive from this year?”
“How will this year be considered a success for you?”
“How will you know you lived this year authentically?”

Each query made me think deeper and wider than I was looking at 2019.

If I learned anything from 2018, it is vital to pay close attention to what is happening in your life and business. Understanding what obstacles you face and finding solutions is part of a 365 day journey. We can’t guess what good and bad situations will arise because sometimes they appear unexpectedly. We must be like flexible tree branches bending and swirling but not breaking when twists of fate try derailing us from a productive focused year.

On January 3rd last year, I was sitting at Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address in Albany next to the founder of the #MeToo movement and other proponents of protecting females from sexual abuse. I was positive I was supposed to be more vocal about my personal reasons for being there. Three weeks later I co-hosted the CNY Women’s Rising March with hundreds of women celebrating our place in this world and making sure elected officials saw and heard us. Again, I imagined my year full of more feminist involvement. These two missions would pair perfectly with my two decade commitment to women entrepreneurs. It made sense. I had a plan.

Then I was challenged with health issues pushing me back inside, out of the public light, to deal with it. My 2018 plans sputtered like rain in the wind. They did not break me but they tested my flexibility when it came to my career. I could write about MeToo, Women’s Marches and women entrepreneurs but I had to turn to fitness and sports to get through my medical sabbatical and interviewed 50 women athletes eventually leading me to New York City to meet Billie Jean King. What I strategized in January was not what happened by June or October, I had to bend and trust and hope.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is as reminder you can set the biggest, best intentioned goals with promises to complete them but accompany them with flexibility for unexpected occurrences. Not everything will go as planned in 2019, you could experience higher highs and lowers lows so plan for those times best you can. The challenges we will face might whittle away at our strong limbs only making us more fluid in difficult circumstances. Hardship can resurface a deep resolve to stand even taller so we aren’t uprooted by the force. We can also learn adversity doesn’t last forever perhaps just long enough for a new stronger core to develop.

Tracy Higginbotham at Emmeline Pankhurst Momument in London, England

I hope you take a few minutes to ask yourself the questions I pondered last night so you have a guide to follow in 2019; just remember to remain as flexible as you can throughout the year to allow for life’s interjections.

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  1. January 9, 2019 10:57 am

    Great advice! Being flexible has gotten me through many obstacles ~ breast cancer, family health issues (where I was the caretaker), and many more! But I have emerged from each stronger and more determined. And I know you have done the same Tracy! Thanks for sharing your journey!


    • January 9, 2019 11:45 am

      Thank you Kim for your response to the post. I appreciate sharing your personal story as well. Women are strong – sometimes we forget how strong we are – so we need other women to remind us. Cheers to you on your 2019 journey.


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