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Nature, Women and Writing – How Do They Fit Together

January 10, 2019

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs, women in sports, female business owners

I am mesmerized by nature because its touches and influences my spirit to write. It is why my desk and computer sit on the edge of a 7 foot window making me one step away from being outside. It is January in Upstate New York which means days like today are comforted by a soft blanket of cold white snow fleeting by my window resting on each other and expanding their presence on the ground. How can one not be touched by its beauty?

A colorful 2 inch by 2 inch inspirational thought block stands erect in a grey holder on my desk waiting for me to move yesterday’s quote to the back of the pack in order to witness today’s quote. I slowly move the card to unveil today’s passage, “Today is the Day.” Does it mean today is the day for snow or today is the day for my feet to be really cold? I remember it is meant to inspire me so I realize today is the day to submit a story to a new book called “Unfettered Hearts” being compiled by one of our new Women TIES members. Today is the day I take one more step forward using my God given talents in writing, expression and sharing to inspire other women.

Just like water can change many forms like being liquid in tempid conditions to hard ice in freezing environments to whiffs of steam when boiled, women entrepreneurs change forms of communication with their audience. The most important way I brought business women together when I was a pioneer in home based woman-owned businesses back in 1996 in Syracuse, New York was by gathering them together to inspire them with my voice. Twenty years later, I use a combination of written words in the form of a “Wednesday Wisdom” and my blog to inspire them along with periodic live events. I’m not done gathering them together in person but also inspiring them in writing since it is an effective way to move them in an electronic world.

Technology has changed the way women communicate by opening up a new frontier and global network of new friends while hindering the local social network. This is a reason live events can’t stop being produced but also a reason why writing and sharing is important. Women need to stay connected in mixed forms. Perhaps the days of having 100 women in a room together is gone only to be replaced by more intimate settings with livelier, authentic discussions where sharing takes a warmer form to cold technology.

As I head off to a beautiful Retreat Center in the Adirondacks to join a circle of new women over a weekend of live activities, I will balance that communication with quiet moments of writing to share with my audience upon my return. Snowflakes drift singularly and joyfully while still being able to join other snowflakes to create a bonded relationship in another form – so must women entrepreneurs to be happy.

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