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The Need for Women to Be Badass

August 1, 2018

Inspiration for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Athletes and Girls

Every time I accomplish something new, I feel like a badass. Anytime I am promoting women’s equality like our brave foremothers did or today’s women like Serena Williams, I exclaim my badassness. When I push my limits in a new sport or new distance when I run or see another woman do it, I exclaim them a badass. If you check the Thesaurus there aren’t synonyms for the word badass. I quickly turned to an online dictionary to review the definition which said, “ready to cause or get into trouble” or “of formidable strength or skill” or “very skillful or impressive.”

All three definitions have fit me before. I was badass when I decided to take 110 women to the Women’s March on Washington in 2017 realizing we could get in trouble for marching for our rights just like our foremothers. I was badass when I completed the 2017 Boston Marathon with Team 261 Fearless just like our iconic leader Kathrine Switzer (who was badass in 1967 when she was the first women to official enter and run the Boston Marathon). I am badass when I motivate other women to buy from women entrepreneurs first and foremost putting money in their hands until women ever obtain a pay equality law.

We might think of badass people who ride motorcycles, play hard rock or climb Mt. Everest, but if we look inside ourselves, we can all find moments in our lives and business when we had to be and were badass. So think back for a moment and list your top five badass moments. I hope they easily come to mind but if they don’t think about the word’s three meanings. I am positive you’ll find those moments. Once you have them in your mind, write them down and attach a photo of yourself in your most badass moment and keep it taped to your computer or other place you’ll see it daily.

I decided that women entrepreneurs need some more adventure in their lives to jumpstart the fearful side of their personalities, so not only will our “W.A.N.” which stands for “Women’s Athletic Network” mean that; it will also be used from now on to mean “Women’s Adventure Network” as we add some fun “Bucket List” type of activities, like ziplining, to that division of Women TIES. I believe being brave and daring in life can translate into a braver and daring entrepreneurial warrior.

Until we start listing those adventures, I hope you commit to being more badass in your life until it is the only way you think and live.

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