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Mile Markers Help In Our Daily Business and Sports Life

July 30, 2018

Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Athletes, Females in Sports or Business

If you know me well by reading my blog since 2008, you know I share wisdom inspired by personal interactions in business, participating in sports and being moved by inequality issues related to women. I’m really a simple girl at heart always looking to be motivated in my daily life and then transmitting my feelings in writings to inspire other women.

Today when I was training on my bike for my big bucket list triathlon in September, I cycled on the same beautiful lake path with mile markers showing ones’ progress walking, running or biking. Today for some reason as I started on the 2.75 mile marker of the trail, I paid attention to every mile marker up and back until I clocked a total of 10 miles on my bike. Knowing August 1st is a couple days away, I thought how “far I’d come” this summer in my personal battles dealing with a medical condition called Alopecia and my entrepreneurial work as I purposely took it slow since April giving my body and mind time to heal.

I didn’t know on April 1st how long this “medical sabbatical ride” would take until I reached its end. I realize now it will take to September 1st and I’m more than half way through the trek. All of a sudden, as if time was speeding by faster now, I thought about my April personal and professional goals and what I had or had not achieved. The mile markers reminded me that sometimes people can use mile markers in their own life or business adventures. To use them we need to acknowledge when we are start something, when we are 50% done and when the end is approaching so we can judge our progress or re-adjust our decisions to speed up or slow down.

I had many situations in my entrepreneurial life when I had to put in a lot of extra hours to hit a deadline. A calendar, watch and clients have a way of keeping us on track of our work duties. Often our internal clock tells us when we are behind or ahead of something that’s due. We can’t get to relaxed or too panicked when we sense where are in a process or project. We must instill the tools needed to pace ourselves so we complete any goal in time.

I love those biking mile markers because they automatically signal me on my athletic timeline. I decided I need to set up a better mile marker system in my business so I can see better where I am in that part of my life. How about you? Perhaps today is the day you think about what markers you need in your life to help complete more goals.

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