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Wednesday Wisdom: Sharing What’s Uniquely You

August 8, 2018

Wednesday Wisdom and Inspiration for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Female Athletes

Every woman I know is motivated by a sense of purpose and mission. An individual’s unique focus comes from many places such as parental influences, personal hardships, fateful moments and happenstance. This is true for businesswomen, female athletes, successful actresses and award winning professionals.

What I have gathered from meeting with 20 women entrepreneurs this summer by my pool for two hour personal and business chats and also interviewing 20 high level female athletes to talk about inequality of women in sports, is every woman’s purpose has been born out of unique experiences setting them on a personal journey.

What was also relevant from these discussions was the similarities in how defeat and setbacks in life spurred a deep resolve to turn their circumstances around and commit to success. In 2018, women still fight to earn the same as men in the workplace, to gain the same media exposure in sports and generally fight for their liberties. It’s no wonder the women I meet are so determined to achieve success in some way.

Women really can’t stop fighting because we still have a long way to go. It’s a reason I hope you’ll consider attending the First Ever Women’s Equality Weekend with me on August 23-26th in Rochester. There you will find like minded women who share their experiences as well as goals they have to make a large impact on the world for women. All the speakers are female and they come from backgrounds including higher education, high courts, political positions, entrepreneurs, long time feminists, authors and performers.

If you still see or face inequality as a female, I hope you consider meeting me at this event. I’ll be speaking on Saturday at a workshop I created called, “Impacting The World With Your Pink Light” where women will discover what moves their feminist heart, determine how to make a personal impact, set promises to move forward and identify other women to help them. If you are unwavering in your desire to make a personal difference with your life, show up and get inspired.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to motivate you to step into your unique pink light, purpose and mission to change the world with your personal magnetism and aspirations. We are each gifted with something important to share with others. We have to look inside and recognize it and then make a deliberate decision to embrace what we see and share it with the world.

Can you imagine the amazing power and beauty of each woman in this world sharing her own pink light to make a positive impact? The illumination would be transformational. The world needs you to shine your pink light.

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