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Saying Good-Bye To A Customer Must Be Done Right

June 18, 2018

Inspiration and Monday Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

As a cruise ship pulls away from a dock loaded with passengers setting off on a voyage, friends and family wave good-bye and cheer them on. When loved ones are departing from an airport, well wishes abound as family send them off on their journey. Even at funerals, a respectful adieu is bid by those who once knew the person who passed away. Ending any relationship with the proper words and demonstrations of good will are necessary for both parties in every situation in life.

In business, we must think about ending good – and even not so good – customer relationships with respect. A couple years ago after 19 years of giving my business to a private e-mail service, they decided they were getting out of the business, I was turned down for assistance in the last forty eight hours when a major issue appeared as I tried to create a new email for my existing business. I was very disappointed this 19 year old business relationship ended this way.

It produced some business wisdom and customer service thoughts to share with my readers:

* Remember a client is a client until the final moment a contract, service agreement or relationship ends. No matter how soon you might want to get out of a connection to a customer, you should respect the business and the agreement and offer assistance until the moment the contract expires.

* With emotions set aside, review the work and money you collected from the customer analyzing the positive influence the business relationship had on your company and bottom line. Don’t let emotions influence the business association you had by ending the relationship or work for the client too early. One wrong decision can negatively influence this customer’s testimonies to others.

* Not every business affiliation works out perfectly. Every entrepreneur faces criticism and harsh judgment over their career. Make sure to always walk away from any good or bad relationship with lessons learned and ways to improve or change future business bonds with other customers or vendors.

It’s important to make sure when you say “good bye” to a customer you treat them with the same enthusiastic fanfare as the crowds near the cruise ship wishing them safe passage into their future. It’s the best thing to do for not only them, but you too.

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