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Glow From New Female Business Sessions and Lessons

June 14, 2018

Inspiration, wisdom and Thursday Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs, Females and Women Facing Health Issues

I sat down this afternoon at my son’s favorite Thai restaurant where we gathered for a quick dinner when he was a Syracuse University student. Seeing his face over a bowl of coconut milk, tofu, peas and basil warmed my heart and his belly. Although we lived in the same town where he went to college, I made a pledge I would not intrude on his college life by dropping in for a visit. I think that was most important to him his freshman and sophomore year but as he “aged” and understood the boundaries were established and lived well we would have impromptu mother/son lunches.

Today was an average Thursday afternoon with a longing to see, my now New York City working son who traveled to Europe with me a couple weeks ago, so I ventured to a place with memories. Perhaps Anthony Bourdain’s example of loving what you eat also rested in my soul after watching some of his memorable travel food shows after he laid his soul to rest. It was comfort I was seeking over a warm bowl of Thai soup.

I was dressed in my bright pink Women TIES “Women Supporting Women” shirt, matching pink hat to hide my alopecia, and pink glasses along with pink nail polish and pink lipstick. I sound like a prima donna writing this description but it was my brand I was wearing with pride. An older waitress came up to me and said after taking my order, “You are glowing!” She mentioned how my colors coordinated and how blissful I seemed. I smiled at her gift of words and thought how ironic she said that because I wore all my pink to cover up my health condition and I was missing my son.

As I waited for my tea and meal, I revisited the two hour Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis session I had just come from with Women TIES member Val Cook in a beautiful office in a Whole Mental Wellness Center in the South of Syracuse. I had been to the building before but only in the upstairs level where my endocrinologist’s office was years ago trying to help treat the same issue. Coming from an uncle, cousins and son in the traditional medical fields, I always seek support in traditional medicine first but also allow myself to supplement with different holistic treatments.

Val’s office setting was so comforting and her beautiful soft peaceful voice calmed me as she introduced me to her background, work and our two hour session we would be doing together. As the leader of women entrepreneurs, it is hard to be vulnerable to a member when seeking treatment because of professional relationships; but I promised myself during my medical health journey with alopecia and autoimmune issues I would be open to all modalities. I followed Val’s voice and found myself two hours later feeling very rested, healed from past emotions and I suppose “glowing” from the discoveries. I’m not sure I have ever been called glowing before by a stranger but if words speak the truth, Val’s session produced that affect on me.

Today’s Thursday Thought is one of profound positive energy from my glowing spirit to yours. Sometimes we need to be open to different ways to heal, improve or support our logical, strong minded opinion and let others show us other ways to think, see or experience our lives. It takes trusting in people we meet and taking the first step to try the services they offer in whatever aspect of life or business we are struggling with. I personally believe women are the best people to do business with especially if you are a woman because we have so much in common and feel similar emotions. I think they understand us and can serve us best.

Remember by opening your mind to doing business with other women you have met, might just open the door to a healthier, more glowing way of living your life. Give yourself the gift of being in the company of other healing, smart and experienced women whenever you need it.

NOTE: You can contact Val Cook, a personal growth specialist, BCH, NLP & TLT and her Val Cook Coaching & More, Solutions, LLC at or by calling 315-505-8577. Val is offering a Hypnosis For You Women TIES Member Discount through July 27th!

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