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Passion = Activism

June 20, 2018

Inspiration and Wednesday Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Professionals

The television has never been an essential part of my life thanks to my mother and father who preferred for my sister and I to go outside and enjoy sports as much as we could. For a certain part of my youth, we didn’t have a television because my parents didn’t think we needed one. I never minded because I lived on a lake and could always bike 5 miles to my grandparent’s house if I really wanted to see something on the tube. The habit is hard wired into my spirit.

Last night I told my husband I had to watch the Rachel Maddow Show to catch up on the immigrant crisis at the Mexico border. He rolled his eyes and said, “You and your politics.” to which I said, “Honey, you can’t ignore what’s happening in the world especially to young children being separated from their parents. Remember I stayed home and ran a business so I could be with our two sons while they grew? We thought that was essential for their development.” He went back to reading for a few minutes until I blurted out, “By the way, I’m an activist. I have always been one and will always be one especially if there is a topic related to women.”

The next morning as I changed the quote on my inspirational calendar the passage said, “No more as is. Change the world.” I took the quote with me as I ran in the coolness of the morning dew along Onondaga Lake Parkway and thought about my statement to my husband about activism. I think there is a profound difference between being involved in politics and being an activist. The two are intertwined but not everyone who fights for the rights of people are in politics and not all politicians actively fight for every issue. I believe when we are born, we are given a unique mind, soul and voice meant to use and serve us and the world well. It is up to us to take the best actions to breathe change into the community and issues we are most passionate about. As you know, women have and always will be the most important topic in my professional and personal life.

Whether you are involved in watching the world news and the Immigrant crisis or not, I ask that you do one thing for me to help me with my mission in the world and it’s pretty simple:

“I hope you support and buy from women entrepreneurs first and foremost. If you are voting, please vote for women so American policies reflect 52% of the American population. Cheer on female athletes as much as you support male athletes. Lastly, support girls and young women until they are lifted up to the possibilities of greatness. We need more female voices and faces at all tables to help bring justice, equality and peace to our world.”

On this Wednesday Wisdom please think about the quote “No More As Is. Change the World.” Take an hour to think about ways you can be an activist in areas related to your business, professional life or community. Is there more you can do to help women and girls advance? Who inspires you to get more involved with local, national or international issues? Is now the time for you to step up your activism and get involved?

Remember Women TIES has a Women’s Athletic Network, Women TIES Equality Division and our overall Business Division. We are looking for active volunteers in the athletic and equality divisions. Ask us how you can get more involved in any areas of our mission which is “Women Supporting Women in Business, Sports, Equality and Life.” We need to keep turning the world a glorious color pink.

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