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See Pink. Live Pink. Buy Pink.

August 17, 2017

Inspiration, wisdom and advice for women, females, young college female graduates, women entrepreneurs

Many people who follow my writing know that I speak on many subjects but all of them related to women in one way or the other. My reaction to any news story, confidential personal conversations, sports coverage, political narratives or business affairs have everything to do with taking the stance of what is happening to the women in the midst of the story. People comment on my need to wear pink glasses but it is because I only can and do see the world in pink with a female perspective, view or opinion in my heart, mind and lips.

A couple women I love shared a few poignant stories with me this week I want to share with you because of my view of these two scenarios with my “pink” glasses on:

* My sister who is pushing for legislation for fair rent in a major city in the Northeast, since most of the community members can’t afford housing in the city now that economic development has taken over their city improving it while raising rents, is now a single mother searching for affordable housing in the city and can’t find it. One reason is because she has children. If she was a man with two young kids would this happen to him? Would he be able to afford nicer housing because he gets paid more than she does due to pay inequality?

* One of my childhood friends is struggling with a boss who drops the “F-Bomb” frequently because of disappointment of her sales numbers although she is doing all she can to sell in a down economy. When she finally secures a good account, he takes it away from her and gives it to someone else. She is being tenacious at trying to keep her job because her husband is out of work and she has two sons in college. She “has” to put up with the abuse in work because she can’t lose the insurance or income. Would this male boss drop the “F-Bomb” to a male employee? Would he threaten a male employee the way he is threatening her? In a world of he-says-she-says, she feels she will be fired and without recourse to take this problem higher up in the company because her boss has been there for 10 years. Do you see inequality in this scenario?

When I was preparing to take 110 women to the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017, I had 50 random phone calls from women all over the country, like my sister and friend, sharing the same stories of inequality in their life. Besides giving advice, all I can do is remain a feminist and activist for positive change for women today….. and my sisters and nieces to follow.

I ask you to “See Pink. Live Pink. Buy Pink.” and do what you can to help with equality for women in all aspects of life today and tomorrow.

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