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Solar Eclipse Marketing Ideas for the Average Entrepreneur

August 21, 2017

Eclipsing (and equipping) You with Marketing Tips on This Solar Eclipse Day

If you are waking up today in the USA anywhere along the solar eclipse line from Madras, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, you probably have many new viewers in your area awaiting the special 2 minutes of this century moment. You might also be asking yourself, “What is a marketing girl to do with this extraordinary event to help my business?”

You know the basics, don’t look at the sun unless you have on special glasses, realize the temperature might drop when the sun is totally eclipsed, turn on your headlights if you are driving and don’t take a photo of it either. But as marketing professional, I hope you are “looking” at this special occasion as a way to market your organization since everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and searching for cool “Solar Eclipse” ideas and events.

Here is what I suggest you do today:

1. Jump on the marketing bandwagon for sure and use popular trending hashtags in Twitter or posts on your Facebook page to promote your business, services or products. Don’t be shy. The moon isn’t going to be shy about hiding the sun for a couple minutes of our viewing time today. Create a “Join Now Solar Eclipse Special” for example.

2. If there was ever a day to be brazen about asking for something out-of-the-ordinary that will change your business or life, today is the day to do it. The “sun and moon” are lined up perfectly for you to take a chance at something big. Don’t let this once in a century day pass you by. Think of someone or a company you want involved in your business or career and ask them today!

3. Tweet! I checked out Twitter for you to find #SolarEclipse2017 and #EclipseDay are trending as popular twitter handles and that’s important to know because you can create some cool statements about how the Solar Eclipse will affect your business, services or products today and share it with the globe. Everyone interested in these hashtags will be viewing the lists of tweets all day long. Shouldn’t your organization with a website listed in it be in a tweet? I think so.

Here are examples of some possible tweets:

Women entrepreneurs got their early morning runs in not knowing what will happen if they run during the #EclipseDay.

I’m not afraid of my part of the country going dark, we always shine a light on women business owners.

Join Women TIES today and mention the #SolarEclipse2017 – win 3 months free membership.

You get the point. You want to use the hashtags in your short statements to get your message and website listed so others might click on your tweet and like it, share it or start following you. Make sure you limit your tweets to the right length. If you have the character space to do it, mention your city with a hashtag too.

I will be in my office all day long – even during eclipse hours – making sure I’m tweeting and hash tagging away. Reach out to me if you need some creative help with your marketing today. Remember you can be fun in business. People will notice. I promise you won’t be “eclipsed” by any humor you use too!

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