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Loving and Living Our Brands

June 27, 2017

Business advice, wisdom, success strategies and inspiration for women entrepreneurs

As I prepared for a new business day, I brewed a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee, grabbed my BOSE earphones to listen to the Dave Matthews Band while I work, dressed in 261 Fearless running clothes and put on my favorite Adidas shoes for a morning jog before heading to the office in my Lexus. Like most Americans, I’m a brand loving girl who relies on time-proven trustworthy companies to start my day. I’ve considered switching brands over the years due to cost but never enjoyed the experience of drinking, listening, wearing or driving anything else. I’m loyal to the brands I love.

As women business owners don’t we want our customers to feel the same way? Don’t we want them to crave what our companies promote, refuse to bargain down in cost for another similar product, and keep them from moving over to a competitive brand? I know we do, why wouldn’t we?

I think we get so busy looking for the next group of clients to impress or new markets to explore before we truly appreciate the consumers we have and figure out why they love our brand so much. What specifically makes them return time and again or makes them advertise our company to others?

After spending time recently with two of my elementary school friends who were home from Dallas and Salt Lake City, I realize lifelong friends are like long lasting customers, they love us for who we are, how we make them feel and what we bring to the relationship. We must not get so focused on claiming new business horizons that we forget the most important component of our business – our brand loyal customers.

Today’s post is to remind you that you have created a brand for your company whether you’ve tried or not. Do you feel your brand is strong? Do you think your customers understand what your brand is? Do you really know what your brand is? How can understanding your brand better or improving help your business? If you don’t understand fully what branding is about, take the month of July to read up on the subject or work with a marketing specialist to help you understand your unique brand. It is a good investment in your company’s marketing future.

I hope your business day is full of brand-loving products that make you happy. There is value in all types of relationships even the simple ones like the perfect cup of coffee that makes you feel good every day. Make sure you are bringing a smile to your customers’ faces every morning with your unique brand.

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