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Fundraising Tip for Entrepreneurs: Get Comfortable Asking for Money

June 29, 2017

Business advice, wisdom and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small businesses

Asking people for money isn’t natural for most people – especially women. We love giving money more than asking for it. The best way to ask for money is to think about the cause you are raising money for – in this case your company who offers prized services or products to the marketplace to help consumers. You aren’t asking for someone to give you the money but for you to fund projects or innovation to further help your customer base. When you have a passion for the cause you are raising money for, it makes it much easier to ask.

Be prepared before you start fundraising to remind yourself what your company is all about, the impact you make, the customers you reach, your mission and successes to date. You can reiterate why you began your company and the larger impact you have on your region or in the world and why extra funding can help you serve more people or do more to impact the world positively as a whole or for your special niche.

If you are nervous making phone calls to ask for money, write out a script and practice it before making calls. It is okay to “rehearse” before you begin. I do this every time I have to ask for money. I want my ask to be natural sounding. I also want to make sure I have a powerful request. Rehearsing your script is fine. You will discover asking becomes second nature and easy to do after you make the first 3 phone calls. Trust me. The hardest call is the first one.

Finally, remember the reason you are asking for money – because you want to create more opportunities to add services, create new products, improve your company or reach more of your demographic. I couldn’t be a two decade entrepreneur without using fundraising events or programs to help fund my company so I could do more to serve my population of women entrepreneurs. Remember why you are in business and asking will be easier.

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