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Using Marketing Mondays to Succeed in Business During the Summer

June 26, 2017

Business Advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small business owners

Summer can be a special time of year. The sun is brighter. The air warm. The grass green. The children out of school skipping with freedom. Water balloon fights, watermelon and water vacations are the “agenda” of the week for many. For the woman entrepreneur, summer can be especially busy if she is trying to balance a business, children out of school and her own desires to be outside. I have dealt with all these situations myself and survived. One keep element that has kept me on track was using every Monday as a Marketing Monday.

Here is some summer advice to help you market your business while enjoying the summer too:

Question – When you are fresh off a relaxing weekend, looking at another full business week ahead of you, what is the first thing you do on a Monday morning? Maybe you turn on Facebook and get “caught up” on everyone’s weekend? Perhaps you look at your calendar for appointments, events or programs? Maybe you pick up that phone and just start making sales calls? Perhaps you start your week, finishing up something you should have finished on Friday!

You know what I do before I do anything else – is plan my marketing strategy for the week because I know that if I make marketing my number one priority for the week and commit to doing marketing every single day in between client or business work, it is working to my advantage by drawing awareness to my company, clients and even bringing in revenue. It is the “business partner” sharing my news while I’m working on other important tasks.

So my marketing summer secret is to make every Monday a Marketing Monday. Here are a few of my top marketing “tasks” every Monday morning:

* Writing a blog post first thing in the morning, post it and sharing it. Did you know that Twitter has a popular hashtag called “MondayMotivation”? Do you know that if you write a blog post and then share it on Twitter, Facebook, and other SMM with the hashtag #MondayMotivation thousands of people will view it and you are gaining exposure day long while you work on something else? You have to learn to write or share information on a blog to reach a large audience. My blog audience has grown to almost 3,000 followers once I started blogging every Monday and Wednesday.

* Map out what press releases I could send out during the week on customers or on my business. I produce a lot of events and am involved with a lot of programs so I like looking at the week and deciding when I should write, produce and then send out press releases to the local media. If you don’t know how to conduct a press release, you can use online templates and you can Google media contact information to send press release too.

* Schedule when I’ll write social media marketing news for the week and know what the topics for those posts will be. I don’t randomly share news about my family during the week. I only promote my members and something informational that can help women entrepreneurs or share event news or other business tips or stories with them.

* Map out a day or two for sales calls or sales appointments – because I think sales is an essential part of marketing – you might want to make a sales call to your local media for example and get to know them better or make general business sales calls because part of marketing’s description is “for the sake of revenue production.”

Marketing is an essential task entrepreneurs must conduct in their business every week. Start your summer Mondays off by creating a list of Marketing Monday items you can conduct to grow visibility. Then you won’t feel guilt basking in the warm summer sun once in awhile.

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