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Entrepreneurial Success Is Infectious!

June 12, 2017

Monday Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners and Small Business Owners

What comes to mind when you think of the word infectious? It might be a child’s joyful laugh, a warm piece of homemade chocolate cake, a balmy day with ocean breezes or the deep caring of a dear friend. The utterance of infectious can conjure up the melody of our favorite song, the sight of a gleeful new wedding couple and the sound of a familiar voice right at an anxious time.

A recent piece of business wisdom I read suggested for the working woman success is infectious – especially if you catch it! Setting aside time to acknowledge and actually record your most enjoyable accomplishments from the last month, quarter or year can help you not just be successful but feel successful too.

As the six month of the calendar year rolls on, look up at the clear beautiful blue sky and the greenery of the grass and trees, to capture the success you felt recently. On a windless day that might let air out of our sails if we were on the sea, let the stillness of the breeze fill up your “entrepreneurial sails” with a nod to recent accomplishments. Let your past successes infect your mind, spirit and heart with insight, fuel and feverish joy.

If you find yourself in a period of doubt or confusion about the path ahead or levels of achievement in sales, progress or expansion, simply sit still like the wind and pick out your most favorite moments of success until they infect your thinking with only visions of light and hope.

Today be inspired to remember what infectious means to you as a woman entrepreneur. It might be signing a new client, succeeding on a major project, landing a paid speaking opportunity, creating a new collaborative partnership, writing the last page in your new book, networking with new friends or simply taking a day off to relax.

If you are lacking joyful feelings with a weight on your shoulders, maybe today is the day to surround yourself with anything that feels infectious and fuels you with happiness.

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