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Why Not Watching National News Today Can Help Entrepreneurs

June 8, 2017

Business Wisdom and Inspiration for Today’s National News and Doing Business as an Entrepreneur

American and global news seems to be affecting the rosy outlook for women entrepreneurs I have been speaking to. The “cloud” that appears over the White House that is being discussed at the James Comey hearing today is a distraction for hard working, positive female business owners trying to conduct business. What I have found after the past four months since going to the Women’s March on Washington, running my own women’s business, athletic and equality programs with hundreds of women and advising them is they need upbeat direction on ways to beat the grey cloud. I’m sharing some of the advice I’ve been giving out. I hope it helps you today stay focused on your own enterprise.

* With the bombardment of negative news stories on every electronic advice within our reach, we must set boundaries on how often and when we look for listen to the news within the middle of our work day. It is easy to be distracted by national headlines but will the distraction bring you more business, help you communicate better with your constituents or further your business at the moment? If not, save a specific time of day – after work hours – to tune in.

* In order to boost personal relationships and business ties, consider going back to the old fashion way of conducting business – picking up the phone and having a conversation opposed to electronic greetings like text and email. Sure electronic communication is easy, fast and more convenient to us but does it work when you are trying to conduct important business? Yesterday a woman said to me, “I get so many emails now, I just lose track of what’s important in my inbox.” If you really want to reach someone, pick up the phone, set a face-to-face appointment and meet with people.

* Realize nothing in business stays the same. If email communication use to be the most effective way to reach out and touch someone and it is not working anymore, don’t wallow in the unopened invitations. Shock someone by sending a written note inviting them. Hire someone to call your customers to invite them to an event. Go beyond expectations and you will be noticed.

Today will be a day in history when the world stops to listen to Comey be questioned. The question is, “Will you remember what a productive, revenue producing day it is by not being part of that historical moment because your are working hard strengthening your personal relationships with your most important “viewers.”

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