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Using Technology to Share Your Message Begins With You

June 6, 2017

Business wisdom, inspiration, and advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners

A person landing an interview in front of a camera use to be an impossible feat when only television stations with professional anchors delivered the news to their part of the world. Barbara Walters was able to do it because of her educational background. Gloria Steinem aired because of her stance on feminism. Kathrine Switzer reported on female running events because she was a first time female marathoner. You had to “be someone” doing something important to get in front of the bright lights of a camera and have your image and message shared.

With the advancement of technology especially personal phones with camera capabilities and programs like YouTube, the average woman can become both the media source and the star of the program all in once. By growing a platform of followers within a specialized niche, helps deliver the message to a larger community than once was possible. The recording and distribution of recorded brand messages and images exists at a person’s fingertips if they don’t forget they have the ability to utilize it.

Recently a woman entrepreneur told me she brought in $20,000 in sales through the use of video marketing. $20,000! Traditional media might charge you $20,000 to air a comprehensive ad campaign. The question today is are you missing out on using YouTube, video marketing and other “self imaging” promotional and advertising tactics to grow your brand, share your message and image?

Every generation has their own technology revolution. My grandparents didn’t have a television. My mother watched television in black and white images. I was introduced to cable television and my sons today watch shows on their phones. Although keeping up with technology and communication isn’t the main focus of a business owner, the methods and modes to reach our audience must be. What are you doing today to land in front of your customers by your own hand and doings? Ready, set, camera…

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