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Opening a Door to Open Your Future

June 1, 2017

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs, small business, female business owners

As I walked through the back door of my house onto my lawn today, I was hit by the beautiful light of morning. For a moment I felt like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” who had opened the door of a black and white existence to the brilliance of Oz. All of a sudden a hue of rainbow colors washed the screen, brightening the way for Dorothy to step out into unknown territory. This morning’s sun washed light over me the same way.

Living in New York State so far this spring has been like living back in Dorothy’s old farmhouse in the Midwest … bleak, grey, void of color. On a morning like today when the sky is blue again, the grass glistening green and the purple irises in full bloom, one appreciates what color can bring to the spirit – joy, hope, happiness, and contentment.

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for awhile, you know periodically business feels like being stuck in a grey environment. Nothing brilliant or new is streaming in the door, the finances can look quite bleak, and our energy level can be sucked out of us like the violent winds of a tornado. Whether you know it or not, the only way to move past the darkness is to open a door and step into a new place. It might be time for you to create some new colors in your business life, to renew your spirit, purpose and corporate mission.

Today’s blog post is meant to have you stop for a moment, look outside your window, relish the bright hues and sense how you feel. If you feel lighter, happier and more energetic, than use that sense to spill more of it into your business. Are there new products or services you’ve meant to launch? Are there new customers you should be meeting with? Are there other businesses you could be working with? Opening up a new door with a new business, innovative idea, new client or new creative vendor could be just want you need to bring color back into your business.

Before the rain returns again, I hope you enjoy the beauty of today and let it fill your mind and spirit with fresh new ideas to start implementing in your company. Open the door and walk into a more brilliant and colorful future. Today’s the perfect day to do it

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