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50/50 Equality Elevates Itself Today

May 10, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom, advice and inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs and female owned businesses

As I start this sunny day thinking of the meaning of 50/50 day – which is an international movement on May 10th, my mind filled with images of half-n-half cookies, a glass half full of water, the ying and yang symbol on a ring I own and the image of a half moon in the sky with one side in light and the other in the dark. There are hundreds of ways to envision something that is half of a whole. It could be how your heart feels when you are away from your partner, how your stomach senses the beginning of a diet or when your sales list is half crossed off as the day ends. Some days we accomplish our “whole” to do list and other times not.

Today you don’t have to contemplate what type of day it is because the founders of 50/50 Day say today is focused on getting to a 50/50 world. Today is a global initiative with over 11,000 events happening in 65 countries and all 50 states thousands of organizations, companies, schools, museums, libraries and homes – anywhere people already gather – in a global conversation about what it will take to get to a more gender-balanced world in all sectors of society including business, politics, culture, home, and more. Women TIES is hosting one of those 11,000 events in their home office pool house at 4:30 p.m. to be a part of the discussion and movement.

Women TIES has always been about equality in business because it is our mission to help balance the business and money world for women and destructing the pay inequality issue by encouraging women to spend their money and give their business to women first and foremost until we increase our revenue enough to match men 50/50.

Women TIES with our division the Women’s Athletic Network is also trying to change the world on how women see female athletes and supporting them by showing up at their events, supporting young girls in sports and doing more sporting events together to do “business” while we recreate. We need more than 50% of women’s sporting events filled with spectators – female spectators.

Envision looking out a pair of sunglasses with only pink lenses, like I do all the time, you will witness where inequality exists by counting the number of times women are equally represented in government, speaking opportunities, awards, in leadership roles or even number of successful businesses awards.
It is not a 50/50 world yet, but we each can make it more starting today.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to encourage you to promise the rest of this month of May to intentionally look for 50/50 situations where women are equally represented or not and take notice of it and then say something or do something to help correct the statistic. This could be a concept you apply to your business, personal life or in your community. It starts with every single woman speaking up to create more 50/50 situations and changes.

We start today to create this change in the Women TIES Pool House along with 10,999 of our friends from around the USA and globe. What will you commit to do today for a more 50/50 world?

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