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Activism Starts With One Phone Call and a Desire to Change the World

May 4, 2017

Sometimes you can change the world with one phone call. It begins somewhere with someone. You might not believe you have the individual power to make a difference but herstory proves a movement can start with one person making a decision.

As the government votes today on repealing the Affordable Care Act, I made that call to my representative’s office to speak up for every woman I know who is battling, battled or passed away from breast cancer. Every year at least 4 women in my organization are diagnosed with the disease. I see how it affects them and their work. I try to champion them through showing my support. But my support would not be enough to save them or keep them out of pain, if they didn’t have medical coverage – affordable medical coverage.

I am fortunate to come from a family of doctors and my son is now a Physician Assistant. I see them make the decision to be in the medical field to help others. Their frustrations come from insurance limitations that harness their power to heal and protect their patients. They want to do the work they were chosen to do without restrictions in laws or having their hands tied behind their backs due to patients not being able to afford their care.

After taking 110 women to the Women’s March on Washington, I realized the power of 1 person joining another person and another one until eventually there were almost one million of us marching for women’s rights and human rights. Today if every person calls their representative, the phone lines will be flooded, our voices heard and hopefully medical coverage for all will remain.

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