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2017: Be The Captain and Compass of Your Business Dreams

January 3, 2017


The theory bad things happen in sets of three from deaths in a family to environmental disturbances to significant life events is an idea embedded into our psyches. Having just gone through the loss of three close friends, I started wondering if this bad “luck” would follow me in 2017. Upon Googling this occurrence, nearly every source claimed the theory of bad things happening in three is simply in one’s head.

As the first business day of 2017 officially begins today after the holidays in America, I wanted to remind my readers that although bad things in business can happen repetitively, there are thousands of experienced business owners who will tell you bad times pass, trusted relationships will change and be replaced and a few certainties exist like:

*The first plan you have for your business will be altered naturally by the market, consumers and demand. Be flexible. Be astute. Be aware.

*Most of your friends and family will not understand what running a business entails so find like-minded individuals to talk with and make sure to keep developing your list of confidantes because they will depart at some point in time.

* You will make less money than you hoped to make in the first three years. Stay the course. Keep marketing. Develop and make strong business connections.

*There are things outside your control that can affect you, your team and your clients. Expect the unexpected when you plan. Leave room for error and revisions.

captainshipAll I know after 23 years as a woman entrepreneur is that nothing stays the same in both good ways and bad. The market changes and customers can be fickle. People come in and out of your life.

All you can do is remain as committed as possible to your own dream and be the Captain and compass your entrepreneurial dream needs. Everyone and everything can be replaced. Your personal vision cannot.

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