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Entrepreneurs – You Need to Make it Happen

January 4, 2017

Inspiration and wisdom for entrepreneurs, women business owners, female entrepreneurs


The winds are hallowing today rushing around air that doesn’t have a choice where or how fast it goes. Thank God we are women entrepreneurs who can’t be pushed around as easily as the air. It’s a brand new business year and we have steadfast choices to root us in place before the rush of another entrepreneurial year picks our preferences for us.

January ushers in fresh, innovative, creative new ideas and resolutions ready to be jump started on day one! Here we are on January 4th and we already have diverse lists with business goals, personal change goals, health resolutions and people to meet. What happened to easing our way into a new fresh year? Well like the wind sometimes we can’t control the velocity of the action so we better buckle ourselves in for the ride.

Changes happen to us personally and entrepreneurial whether the calendar says January 1st or not. Every day can surprise us with challenges, choices and opportunities. The only way to know which ones to choose is to get grounded before they appear. Changes also occur since we are women with children, empty nesters, or approaching our golden years with life opening our hearts in different ways. It makes sense that every new year we have to access where we stand, who stands with us and what direction we want to travel in.

pinkglobe2As I begin my 23rd year supporting, advocating and uniting women entrepreneurs, I have made changes based on who I am today, the needs of the market, the challenges in this world for women and what my trusted members need. 2017 is going to be a big year of change in America due to election results. It has already shaken up many personal and business relationships, motivated more people to activism, and cast a sense of worry for many. When times get tricky, there is one thing I always count on – the strong, solid, dedicated women in my life. The sisterhood of sharing, supporting and standing together through thick and thin; this is what Women TIES will continue to be for the women who want a business and personal sisterhood with us. We are woman entrepreneurs but we are woman first – we need each other now more than ever before.

Today’s #WednesdayWisdom is for you to take an inventory of what is most important to you this year from a financial perspective, personal agenda and community impact and make a steadfast commitment to do them. Get involved. Speak out. Challenge yourself. Find like-minded people. Live your new “you” with confidence knowing the winds can’t push you around.

WsW_pinkI also hope you share with me what I can personally do to support you. I am here for any woman who needs my support, words, or actions. I want my circle to keep getting larger with more fascinating women ready to make one severe impact in what they do and who they are. 2017 is about change. Be that change you want to see in yourself and this world. Make it happen.

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