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2017: One Woman at a Time

January 2, 2017


The powder blue sky is just appearing at dawn, light silver clouds dot the sky and the air is quiet. It is a welcomed still morning in an ever churning world in America right now. As I sit typing before I head out to an event for New York State for women entrepreneurs, I am grateful for the peace of this moment. I know soon I will be in a fully energized room of women making a difference in the world.

davematthewsconcertfamilyphotoI am also grateful for the lack of TV media blaring from my electronic devices. I turn on an Oprah and Deepak Chopra meditation instead. Roses grace my desk along with my statues of Mother Mary and St. Teresa the Flower Child of Jesus. Next to them is a family photo of myself, husband and two sons at a Dave Matthews Band Concert joyfully sipping drinks out of orange solo cups. This is the way to start a good day – silence, beauty and love with anticipation of friends, learning and positive conversations.

I take time to listen, write and think before I venture out because I want to be my best self to the women I serve and the controversial conversations that might arise in the energy of the post election. I’m ready to fight for my girls and females everywhere if I have to. Beneath the calm, yoga essence of me is the fight of tiger just like in Katy’s Perry song. Tenacity has always been my strong suit and I will need it to keep fighting for female causes especially those important to women entrepreneurs.

So today I suggest before you head out the door to fight the good fight – whatever that fight is for you today – take a moment to take a breath, get centered, collect your thoughts, balance your energy, pray, listen to music, eat healthy food, read inspirational pieces that fuel you to lead with all you are. Women are blessed with both quiet strength and the force of the universe. Let’s use both to change the world today, one woman at a time especially on January 21st in Washington DC at the Women’s March on Washington. Join our efforts if 2017 represents “Women Supporting Women” in business, sports, equality and life to you.

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