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Theme for 2017: Big. Bold. Brazen

December 28, 2016

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2017


As I walked along the white sandy beach of Sanibel Island looking at the lapping light green sea water stepping on thousands of muted pink and orange shells in an 80 degree warm wind, I started reminiscing about 2016 letting the memories roll in like the waves. Images of women who attended our Retreat, ran with me in the 5K Right to Run Race and had coffee to ask advice about their businesses popped in my mind. The good thoughts were as numerous as the white gulls landing on the ocean.

As I write the last Wednesday Wisdom of 2016 with such fond thoughts of those of you who read this every week, the faces of the women I see year long and the hundreds who support Women TIES mission of buying from and supporting other women, I feel abundant wealth at this time in my life. Wealth is not always measured in the amount of money in my bank account but by the women I surround myself with and work hard to help year round.

sanibelseashellsJust like it is impossible to count the number of seagulls flying, seashells on the sand, number of laps of the warm water, I can’t possibly count the number of meaningful conversations, words, support and warmth I have received for 22 years in this position representing women entrepreneurs. The joy and benefits are as numerous as the pieces of sand that make up my beloved island.

Many news sources say 2016 was the hardest year because of the negativity of the election. I agree to some degree but I also think the elections cemented in many women’s minds and hearts the needs to be stronger, wiser and more assertive when it comes to standing up for our rights, protecting what we cherish and working harder for what we enjoy in our lives. 2017 will certainly be an interesting year and it will take women in collective mindsets and circles to work through potential challenges.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspire you to look back and write down at least ten wonderful things that happened to you this year. Relish them. Soak them up. Then, write down five new big, bold goals you have for 2017. I want them to be big like attending the Women’s March on Washington with us or an attempt to run in the Boston Marathon in April. Big. Bold. Brazen. If you do not envision something new, search for a larger ladder to climb or soak up enough of the good life you have, you won’t be as thankful at the end of 2017. It takes movement, decisiveness, and a relentless pursuit to accomplish what you haven’t done before; and of course great women by your side.

2017 here we come.

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