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Silence is Sometimes Required in Life and Business

October 10, 2016

Inspiration, Wisdom and Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

As another Columbus Day kicks off, I greeted the sunny, cool, frosty morning with a deep heavy sigh. A sigh you say? Yes, a sigh. Even this beautiful morning couldn’t bring my energy level up to where it typically is at the start of a new work week, especially on a holiday morning. If you were like me and went to bed after watching the Election Debate last night you might have the same feeling I do this morning. My almost always optimistic, energetic self is missing. The debates drained my positive outlook on the world today.

half-full-glassI have always been someone who searches for the positive in life and business. I’m a half glass full girl. I spend most of my days encouraging other women to think better about their business outlook. I meditate, run, and do yoga to stay happily balanced. As the oldest of 8 kids, I have always tried to keep the “peace” in our family. But the political debates, pundits bickering, 24 hour news cycle chewing up repetitive bad perspectives on the candidates is making me feel ill. I worry about the effects this election will ultimately have on the country’s future – especially my son’s future.

So instead of starting my day listening all over again to the same critiques and negative spins on last night’s event, I choose to be silent. I didn’t turn on the TV or the radio or my iPod. I allowed the silence of the morning to envelope me and set my mind for the day. Quiet. Peace. Stillness. I suggest you do the same thing. Silence is required sometime to go back to center and focus on our own individual lives.

Here are a few activities you can do to establish a calm business day;

* Turn on relaxing music, like a meditation, or yoga music on your computer. Do not turn on the radio or television until after work hours.

* Prioritize your day with positive, work producing tasks that will bring you delight, interactions with positive people and confidence in your entrepreneurial life.

*Pick one activity like running, going for a walk, meeting a friend for coffee, talking to a relative or writing a blog post to keep yourself off maniac main street media today. Settle your mind.

* Create a list of 3 positive, new things you want to do within your business along with a timeline to accomplish them and focus on the energy of creating something new.

* Read instead of watching television or checking your phone and transport your mind into another place and time filled with new characters and circumstances.

It is okay to let the “real world” behind periodically to re-adjust our thinking, mood or insights. We all need a break from negative messages, spins and outcomes. The world isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Claim your own happiness today in your own corner of the world and be grateful for silence.

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