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What’s Your Next Business “Chapter” Status?

October 5, 2016

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and female business owners


Just like chapters in a book end with a story line including facts, characters and plots that intrigue readers, so does the following chapter. In fact, the next chapter can intrigue us so much we want to speed through the current narrative to get to the next one. Have you ever had to slow down, go back and re-read a piece because you realized you were so excited for the next chapter you didn’t remember what you read or the lesson in the pages?

If you have ever been around children, teenagers or young adults you probably have said this before, “Just enjoy the time you have today, find something you like to do and do it!” For me that meant no television, creating plays in our garage and being down at the dock on the lake. Adult Tracy sometimes wishes from those days again especially the part about hanging on my dock at the lake. But I couldn’t possibly let go of this time in my life and exchange it for more than one day in 1979 or I would give up being a seasoned entrepreneur with two sons and a fulfilled life.

booksBeing happy doesn’t mean we aren’t impatient occasionally for the next new chapter to occur, for the page to flip forward and see what is beyond the horizon in terms of people, activities, goals and life. But a chapter can’t change just because we want it to change; we have to wait our time to learn the lessons, meet the people, discover talents and have setbacks to realize the next chapter is just about to appear in one more flip of the old, yellow page.

You are already aware if you are rushing the current chapter of your life away professionally or personally. Are you hurrying because you are done with “now” or simply ready to start something new? Could you be escaping a disappointment, setback or lull in the storyline? Do you just want a new view? Has your soul found a new part of yourself to explore before it’s too late? Do you have more to learn where you are trusting the page will flip, the door will open and the new adventure appear the moment it’s needed?

illuminateToday I would like you to answer a few questions. Are you at the beginning or end of a business chapter? Have you just begun to dig into the real meat of this wonderful current chapter? Are you itching to move on in one area of your life or business but feel like you can’t yet? Why should you be more patient now in this place in time? Today is the day to start figuring it out. Illuminate yourself with awareness, and then….

Flip the page. Stay on course. Begin again. Refresh your view. Revive your passion. Look back. Move forward. These are your choices because treading water won’t bring you deep satisfaction. Choose.

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