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Use Video More Often In Business

October 11, 2016

Business advice, inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs and female business owners


As you know by now if you have a Facebook account, the company loves to surprise people with memories posted from the past. The memories could be from 1, 4 years or more years ago. I’m always interested in seeing the memory because some have emotional meaning, others are business promotions and a few are inspirational posts. Every memory pulls us back in time and helps us remember.

chadsweddingfamilyphotoToday’s memory was a video taken at my sister Beth’s wedding 14 years ago that I posted last year on my youngest brother’s wedding day because the video showed our father alive and dancing and our mother with Alzheimer’s very vibrant. “We are Family” was playing and the 8 siblings with our 2 parents are encircled in a family of love. Since there are 6 girls and 2 boys the favorite part of the song for a majority of us is “I got all my sisters with me.” Being the oldest of this clan prepared me emotionally and intellectually to be a leader of women entrepreneurs for 22 years. I love my “sister entrepreneurs” like I love my sisters. We are one big family. We belong together.

If you are a woman entrepreneur and not using video yet for your company, you should. Video brings the emotions, visuals, and verbiage to life. Photos are beautiful but they are one dimensional. Here are facts shared by one of our Women TIES presenters last year about video:

*Businesses don’t use enough online video, especially when they consider 90% of Internet traffic is video content and companies with video content have a 53x more likely to appear on Page 1 of Google.

*60% of visitors to a website watch a video before reading text.

*95% of people watching a video retain more than reading written copy and they stay on a website 2 minutes longer.

*Some suggestions on where to use video:
* On your website
* In your blog posts
* In emails
* In Social Media Marketing
* In product reviews
* In education and training resources
* In your LinkedIn Pages and Groups

You can also use video:
* For testimonials
* To answer “Frequently Asked Questions”
* Opt-in Offers
* About Us promotion

retreat2016selfieshotIf you want to see a recent event video from my company’s Annual Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, click on the video link. If you want to view a shorter video I taped yesterday about my feeling the day after another political debate, click here. Tell me how much you feel you were “inside” the event with us once you view it. I encourage you to use video more often in your company – starting today.

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