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Letting Others Know Your Personal Mission and Brand

September 16, 2016

Inspiration for women and women entrepreneurs


I opened my Facebook page today to two back to back video clips shared by two women entrepreneurs who are part of my organization Women TIES saying, “I knew you would love this Tracy. It is right up your alley.” As I watched the first video clip from Kristen Bell introducing Pinksourcing, where women are a bargain at the workplace, since you only have to pay them 77 cents on the dollar. The second one was about a female running a marathon while pumping breast milk. The point of today’s blog is not to shine a light on pay inequality or amazing ordinary women but to ask you if the people who know you, know your personal mission statement or brand? Do you get signs, comments, or people sending other people to you that are like minded?

I embraced my personal brand years ago when my youngest son came home from 2nd grade to tell me he had to describe me in three words to his teacher. As a passionate Italian mother, I wondered what words he choose. As I looked down at his cute face with shimmering eyes and bowl cut hair, I said, “Adam, what did you say.” He said, “The first word was loving,” to which I said that is sweet honey. “The second word is smart,” to which I responded “Thank you for thinking I’m smart sweetie.” Then I said, “What was the third word,” thinking it would be “nice” the way the other words were going. He said, “The third word was FEMINIST” to which I said, “Do you know what a feminist is?” He replied, “You think women rule the world!”

adamandrachelThere I sat dumbfounded that my youngest son identified who I was before I could see it myself. I must admit, he has grown into a wonderful 21 year old male/female who loves shopping, playing lacrosse, wears pink and belongs to a fraternity! I hope my example of feminism in our household made him the perfect blend of both sexes.

My challenge to you today is to identify your personal brand. Do you have one? Do you know what it is? Does everyone else know what it is? Could your personal brand help you develop a company, take your business to the next level, launch a national speaking tour or change the world for a population? Life is too short not to be dedicated to one or more causes. I hope today’s blog reminds you to show up and identify your personal brand and share it with the world. Don’t wait until a bright, bubbly 7 year old tells you what your brand is. Embrace it and shine.

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  1. September 21, 2016 2:35 pm

    Knowing your personal mission is so important ~ especially when you have your own small business! Will be sharing this!


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