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Goal Setting is a New Buzz Word

September 21, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Sometimes driving through a local community you might see a tall sign in the shape of a thermometer with red ink inside it and lines on the outside. You know when you see the sign an organization in the neighborhood has set a fundraising goal. The sign is their way of both grabbing attention to the cause and showing progress towards their goal.

The word goal is best defined as an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe. People strive for all sorts of goals like weight loss, academic achievement, athletic aspirations, and learning new talents. Women entrepreneurs strive for various types of goals too like increasing income, adding more customers, creating new product lines and finishing client projects.

But lately I have been reminded by a number of women to use goal setting more frequently in business. Three of our first Retreat speakers mentioned the word goal setting. One reminded us we need a goal in order to strive for something much larger in life, another mentioned that only by having a goal will we stay on track of our progress and the third one stated without a financial goal we won’t achieve higher limits of success. Looking back on the event, the word “goal” was the buzz word at this year’s conference.

kathrinetracyoswegoTwo days after the Retreat I set a very, very lofty athletic goal for myself which I won’t know if it will come to full fruition until mid-November. The goal is to run on the 261Fearless Team in the 2017 Boston Marathon with Kathrine Switzer and use one of 261Fearless charity bibs. I have run for 17 years but never in a race as big as the Boston Marathon. The only way I’ll accomplish this goal is by including some other women in it as my “training partners,” pushing myself past typical limits, setting a daily and monthly action plan and believing I can do it. As Heather Losi of Impact Martial Arts/Team Feidt explained in her presentation, “In business and life we must establish an action plan to accomplish any goal.” After establishing the plan, you need mental toughness, training partners and never losing sight of the end goal to accomplish what you plan. This is true in entrepreneurship as much as it is in any personal goals.

Today’s blog post is a reminder to start using goal setting more often in your personal and business life. We need big calendars, small action steps, a timeline, partners who believe in us and confidence to achieve any size goal. If you don’t own a large erasable calendar yet, I encourage you to buy one and start using it for your own big goals. I have always used them for event planning and management and now it’s being used for my big personal goal. Break down your big goal into daily or weekly action plans and get started!

19KWinnersSometimes in life we need to switch up the way we approach organizing it. Maybe today is the day you decide to start using action plans more often to keep yourself on track and set yourself up for success. Go get those big dreams!

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