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Breaking Barriers in Business

September 15, 2016

Business inspiration for women and women entrepreneurs


I woke up this morning to the beauty of another glorious blue sky day in New York State. The vibrant blue sky reflects my deep appreciation to waking up as a woman entrepreneur today and my deep love for being a part of a warm and enthusiastic community of women business owners the past 22 years. The photo of today’s Wednesday Wisdom is an “Oscar selfie” from yesterday’s “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES Retreat” taken by our keynote speaker Pat Mussieux. It was just one of my favorite moments from yesterday!

The other one is in this Facebook video taken at the Retreat of breaking a barrier. It is proof that anything……anything….is possible in business especially “breaking through” your toughest challenges (yes, it is the video of my exciting and probably award winning karate chop through solid wood that happened on stage yesterday).

The theme of the 2016 Retreat is worth restating today for all of you who could not join us – it was “Women Supporting Women: In Business, Sports, Equality and Life” the new Women TIES message going forward. I know for a fact when women are supporting women in business, sports, equality and life united in a common spirit we can do anything – break barriers, break financial goals, break personal goals and even break wood.

WsW_pinkWomen supporting women is a rich and vibrant community made to change the world for the better for women today and the girls to follow! We must stand united in spirit and action for women always – especially for women in business. Please choose to put your money in the hands, bank accounts and pocketbooks for women first and foremost and choose our website to find women to do business with.

I remain grateful for the joy, unifying spirit, music, laughter and conversations of not only yesterday but for future programs in all four areas of Women TIES mission. Today’s blog post is to inspire you to follow up with new action plans, new contact lists and new goals. Don’t let today pass without committing to a couple brave new journeys.

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