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Life and Business Lessons From a Crew Boat

August 2, 2016

Sporting, business and life lessons from a crew boat


It has been three short weeks since I took up an oar and headed to Onondaga Lake Park to participate in Adult and Teen Learn to Crew. As I sat on the tranquil waters last night with teammates behind and in front of me while listening to my “coach” talk through a mega-phone from another boat with great patience, I gleaned some valuable wisdom as a 51 year old first time crew member and 21 year solo woman entrepreneur. I am not sure the “light bulb” would have gone off on some of this inspiration if it wasn’t for taking the risk to jump into another bucket list adventure with my best buddy Ann.

Today’s blog post is to simply present the life and business lessons I am learning from this 8 person boat experience to inspire you today in your own life.

* Learning something new, no matter how hard or easy it is, is so worth it. Not only does your mind expand but your heart and spirit do too – and in some cases like crew- your arms, shoulders and thighs!

* Just when you thought you were too old or too young to do something, leaping into a new experience validates the point that you are always the perfect age to do anything if you have the interest and will.

* Your own personal talent might make the team just perfect.

* Next time you think you can do everything on your own, realize in life, business and boating, tasks can be easier with a team working with you. With a team, you go faster and farther than you could go on your own.

* When you make a mistake in a team atmosphere you can feel bad about your mistakes…unless you have teammates telling you it doesn’t matter and reminding you are trying your best.

CrewNightFinally as my good friend Ann pointed out to me one crew night as the sun was setting on the beautiful waters of a breezy summer night, sometimes life is not about being perfect but enjoying the experience.

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