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August Business Planning for Entrepreneurs

August 1, 2016

Business wisdom and inspiration for small businesses and women entrepreneurs


As the peaceful, relaxed days of summer start dissipating with the start of August, back-to-school shopping, end of year Festivals and fourth-quarter business planning, the thought of needing to change our mindset, schedules and goals begins. If it wasn’t the fact the nights get slightly cooler, the sunny days shorter and vacation time used up, we would probably live in a summer-time-state-of-mind year round.

lakedeltaromeRefocusing our time in the month of August seems like it happens no matter how hard we try to avoid it. I grew up on beautiful Lake Delta in Rome, NY and the activities on the lake changed as the month progressed and Labor Day approached with less people boating, and skiing. The month of August has always felt to me like the Sunday night of the work week – the playful weekend draws to a close and preparations begin for another five day business week. It’s hard to find fun in Sunday night; sometimes I think it’s hard to find fun in mid-August.

I have learned there is always a gift in each season. I think the gift of August is to find time to pause, retreat and re-purpose our focus on the last four months of the business year. There is plenty of time before summer ends to enjoy one full day of rest, contemplation, re-purposing and maybe even re-positioning our corporate goals for a more successful fall business season.

Today’s Monday Motivation should inspire you to set a half or full day off on your business calendar before September 1st to think about what you want to change about your vision, duties, and overall plans for your company the next four months. Not only should you take the time to re-purpose your intentions and activate your corporate mindset, you should think about what you might want to do to re-purpose or re-position your company. Just like summer leads to autumn naturally and green leaves turn to gold, a maturing business is always transforming itself into something different too.

LodgeFrontViewInsideIf you are already looking forward to business starting up again and you are a woman living in New York, sign up today for our 8th Annual “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES Retreat” happening on September 14 in beautiful Skaneateles, New York to really jump start your fall business schedule, learn from 8 successful women entrepreneurs, market your business and open new economic connections.

My hope for you for August is you fully enjoy this beautiful time of year and mindfully begin planning some new purposes for yourself and your business.

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