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Embarking On Your Next Big Business Voyage

August 3, 2016

Business wisdom, inspiration and advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Today in 1492 Christopher Columbus left Palos, Spain with three ships with 70 brave men abroad setting on a brave voyage in search of the Americas. It is hard to imagine setting sail on a journey taking you across the open sea with little knowledge, instrumentation or certainty for what you will endure or discover.

Last week I watched this year’s “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES Retreat” keynote speaker Canadian woman entrepreneur Pat Mussiuex set her own ocean voyage from Canada to Zimbabwe in South Africa to follow her passion of helping women. I was inspired by a posting on her Facebook page that read, “We met with the women from the curio market this morning and worked on action plans they can implement for their businesses over the next year.” Pat demonstrated bravery as well by traveling to a new region of the world to work with women to share her knowledge.

Both examples of voyage made me think of the possibilities we each have to take risks and trust in what we discover at the beginning and end of every new voyage we embark on. The “voyage” could be a physical journey, a business experience, a life destination or a societal risk we take to satisfy a need to change the world. We start the voyage with a vision for what we will discover, trust the journey will be safe and exciting, and knowing the trip may be bumpy but in the end well worth the effort.

I have journeyed through three decades of my professional life with these same circumstances – a vision, trust, knowing and proof that the women I unite together at my events and online can open up new economic connections, learn educational tidbits and market themselves to arrive at a new place of prosperity. I lend my voice to my cause of supporting women in business, sports, politics and “life” knowing it will improve the future.

journeyToday be encouraged to look at the past journeys you have been on to shine a light on what you learned, who you met and how you arrived at your current destination. This wisdom should also inspire you to embark on a new destination, one filled with the same hope and awe to learn and expand your horizons.

In the words of Lao Tzu, “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” I hope you begin a single step today in a new voyage. I also hope you register for our Retreat so you can meet Pat Mussieux and learn from her global vision and money mindset. Together we can embark on exciting new destinations. Bon Voyage my friends! Bon Voyage.

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