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Monday Motivation: The Secret to Success is Showing Up

May 2, 2016

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


On Monday morning as the world awakes to a new work week or returns from a week long vacation, motivation might be what a person needs to plow through the day or piles of work. A Monday morning can also find exercise enthusiasts hung over from a weekend of indulgences and time away from their typical workouts. School children aren’t the only ones who sometimes dread Monday mornings.

TracyandKathrineOswego261Last week I was fortunate to have global athletic female icon Kathrine Switzer speak to an audience of women entrepreneurs and athletes. Her words of wisdom rang true for both the business professionals and fitness focused women in the audience. Her quotes could be used if you are running a business or running an upcoming 5K race. I wanted to share them with you today to motivate you this Monday morning.

“Some days are easy and some days aren’t, there is no rhyme or reason to it.”

“Every day I run it is a day of magic which turns into a day of empowerment.”

“Talent and capability are everything, they only need an opportunity to shine.”

“Curses can turn into blessings.”

“The goal always gives the focus.”

“The secret of my success is that I showed up.”

Fearless women can reach fearful women and change their world.”

KathrineSwitzerAuburnNewstoryPhotoToday I wish you a week full of empowerment, blessings, goals and focus. What can you do to “show up in your business today” to make your week more successful?

If you are a female athlete, runner or walker, why not start your week off by committing to running with our “Right to Run 19K or 5K” teams this Saturday, May 7th in Seneca Falls and meet Kathrine Switzer herself. Details can be found on this link. We hope you “show up” and join us.

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