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3 Business Tasks to Make You Successful in Business Today

May 3, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Do your business days start slow sometimes because you are unfocused wondering exactly what you should do first? As the owner of your own business, you probably have a list of 100 tasks you could work on at any moment especially if you are a solo entrepreneur.

I have learned to start each business day with 3 important tasks that set the tone and success of my day (and future). Even when major customer projects are due, I find time for these 3 tasks. I hope they inspire you to start or re-start your day by doing the same.

Magnet and golden coins isolated1. Complete 7 Sales Calls – Kick start your morning by listing 7 current or prospective customers to contact to create revenue. There is no time like first thing in the morning, when your energy level is high, to pick up the phone and ask for business. If sales is challenging to you, completing sales calls first thing in the morning makes the rest of your day easier. On average it takes me about 2 hours to make 7 calls depending on the conversations. It is the best investment in my business.

newchapter2. Write and Share a Blog Post – If you have a blog, you should be blogging at least 3 times a week if not more. Dedicate 30 minutes to write a post and another 15 minutes to share it on social media marketing. By sharing posts early in the morning, it gives your company publicity all day long as the posts gets shared and re-shared by others. Get into the daily habit of writing and sharing your work on social media marketing to increase your brand name and company outreach easily.

thinking-outside-the-box3. Add to Your Future Project List – In order to keep your entrepreneurial mind and spirit fresh, it is important to maintain a list of fresh ideas, new products or services or big project concepts on file. You get ideas everywhere from talking to customers, reading articles, and sharing experiences with others. If you don’t get into a habit of writing down what inspires you, you won’t remember. Start your business day by adding a new idea to your list or adding new thoughts to existing ideas. Review the list at the end of the week and set dates to start working on some projects.

Set the tone to your day everyday by listing your own 3 essential business tasks and I bet you will achieve more success relatively soon.

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