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What’s Your Corporate Image Look Like?

April 28, 2016

Business wisdom and advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


I went to check the weather on my iPhone and caught a glimpse of purple rain on every city forecast on The Weather Channel. I immediately knew the purple images were to honor the singer Prince who had passed away earlier that day. I chuckled at the creativity of the station for creating the vision. I then gave a nod to Prince for creating such an identifiable brand.

coffeepauseIt might seem odd to ask but, “What do you think The Weather Channel would place on their screen if they were honoring you?” Lemoncello comes to mind when I think of my favorite food blogger. Steam from a coffee cup rising early in the morning identifies my favorite coffee salesman. A smiling snowman’s face reminds me of my youngest son turning 21 today because he is always joyful. What is the one image your memory would drum up for you?

As women entrepreneurs we should consider this question from a business perspective to see if the symbol that identifies our business represents our mission. Two years after starting Women TIES, I asked an audience for their opinion on our brand. I remember at the time “pink” was referenced due to our mission to support women. Others’ said “a tie of some sort” which signified our name. Currently I hear the word feminism and “all things women.”

Today’s blog post is a creative one because I want you to contemplate three images the media, your friends and even the weather channel might use to symbolize your brand image. Write a quick list of what comes to mind. Study it and consider if the images that appears make you happy. If not, start working on a new brand image and message. If you like what you see, then you should be using the symbolism more often in all your work.

WsW_pinkLast week a new message for all we do through Women TIES came to me on a bike ride. Later that week my graphic designer turned the verbiage into a new visual. What new image do you want people to envision when they think of your company or see displayed on an iPhone screen?

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