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Special Inspiration and Insight for Women Entrepreneurs Today

April 14, 2016

railroadgatesOnce in awhile in unexpected moments business duties can come to a halt as personal circumstances arise. Stopping a busy woman from working is like stopping a train from roaring down a track. Periodically the warning gates come down across the rails when something is in its way making the fast moving vehicle stop suddenly. Tuesday morning my fast paced entrepreneurial spirit was temporarily prevented from moving on with my beloved “Wednesday Wisdom”, an inspirational editorial I have sent to women entrepreneurs every Wednesday for 11 years, due a health issue that required immediate attention.

After being told I needed to go to the ER and stay overnight for heart tests, I said to every nurse aiding me, “I am a very busy woman entrepreneur and I need to get back to work as soon as possible; I have women to help, events to plan a “Wednesday Wisdom” to write and no one to take over my duties.” Compassionately each would say, “Maybe you work too hard and that’s why you are in here for a day of rest.” The other statement they all said was, “What you do and who you help sounds amazing.”

assumptionchurchatnightWith a clear view of The Franciscan Church of the Assumption outside my private hospital room where I had just dedicated a year of helping poor women on top of my other business duties, I received the clarity of the experience and the words, “Slow down and take in the message.” The message was, “You can work passionately at what you love to do to help people you serve but not at the expense of your health because then you’re ultimate mission will be derailed.”

So today’s post is to remind you and all the hard working women entrepreneurs out there relentlessly moving down the business track like a full running train, to slow down a little before the warning gates come down. Although we have a long list of responsibilities, an endless amount of entrepreneurial spirit and a heart full of passion to work long hours, our health is always the most vital key to our success. Today consider slowing down your pace, reorganizing the way you do work, hiring someone to help, prioritizing duties, making your health a priority or simply taking a day off to rest (preferably at home).

valentineheartWhen I was hooked up to the heart monitors waiting for the test results, the commentator on the television announced it was “Equal Pay Day” for women. My feminist heart started beating faster again as evident by the heart monitor. I realized in that moment when you love what you do your heart will palpitate no matter how hard you try to calm it. Today I hope your heart beats faster about the work you love and the people you work for too while taking care of yourself along the way.

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