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Solo vs. Side-By-Side: Which Way is Better for Entrepreneurs?

April 20, 2016

Entrepreneurial and business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses

crewteamAs I biked down a winding path covered by tree branches with small spring buds next to Onondaga Lake yesterday morning, I heard a distant voice over the lake. I turned my head to see two female crew teams rowing in unison across the beautiful calm waters. Row by row, breath by breath their bodies moved as one advancing together.

The solo image of me riding alone on my bike compared to the eight women rowing together side by side next to me on the water reminded me of how women entrepreneurs faces business. We are independent hard working, free spirits sailing down our own individual pathways at our own speed. We are also in a marketplace stream often working side-by-side with other women together advancing to a single collaborative goal. At one point in my ride, I was advancing at the exact same pace as the row boats gliding on the water in unison with them and yet autonomous.

The image reminded me of how women entrepreneurs face every single day of their business lives – independent and yet connected to others to thrive. We must balance our solo workload while equally working with others to advance. When riding solo, we have the ability to go where we want, at the speed at which we want for as long as we want; while realizing we might go farther faster if we ride with a team of other women gliding with us.

My question for you today is do you ride solo too often or if you depend too heavily on others to propel you forward? Are you getting where you want to go fast enough? If not, do you need a team to support you? If you are content with your pace and progress, than embrace your independence and propel yourself forward successfully alone.

solobikerYesterday I was content to ride alone enjoying a solo morning bike ride to envision some future plans. Today when I join other women at a meeting to make other future plans, I will enjoy being shoulder-to-shoulder working alongside other females. The question for you this morning, “Are you getting enough of both scenarios in your entrepreneurial life?”

WAN_logoIf you are a woman entrepreneur in New York State, you are always welcome to join our 11 year team of fantastic women entrepreneurs and our Women’s Athletic Network. We believe in “Women supporting women in business, sports, equality and life.”

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  1. gaylelasalle permalink
    April 24, 2016 10:34 am

    Tracy, I love this post. There are times when we must go solo; when we must be on our own to determine our mission,our goals and our values. There are some things only we can do for ourselves. Yet, the appropriate supports are invaluable and that is one thing we get in your organization. We need those who will lift us up when we are stuck or want to give up. We clearly need a team as it’s important to admit what you don’t know and just as important to know who does and be willing to ask for help and advise.

    While I have stepped back from full time entreprenuership for now (found another passion I just have to follow for a bit) the women I surround myself with give the me strength I need when I do need to go solo for a bit.


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