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Removing Business Boulders

April 7, 2016

Business inspiration and advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


It began as a lunch break and need for fresh air and turned into an enlightening experience. I found myself chipping away at a snow boulder blocking the path between my back porch and garage. This obstacle was going to deter our route unless someone cleared it. As I worked at moving the obstruction, my head cleared too about a problem I had been working on for weeks. Was there something therapeutic to clearing this blocked space? I think so.

There are often obstacles in our path; in both our personal life and business world. Roadblocks, barricades and detours catch us off guard and keep us from moving forward. Sometimes these situations tell us we can’t go in a particular direction and to find another way. Other times the blockages we face are simply showing us that the path we want to take is special and requires extra energy and time. If we want to travel further, we have to try harder, focus more intently and muster up enough energy to move past what is holding us back.

righttorunFacing obstacles no matter what they are or how they find us shows us how badly we want something. Last week after some 5K training for the Right to Run Race in Seneca Falls, I simply couldn’t walk. I thought it wouldn’t be possible to run two days later to stay on my program; but my will overcame my body. Sometimes this happens in business too. We try something new, develop a new service, launch and new product and as soon as we do, it’s painful. We remember that trying anything new means stretching, growth and pain. When we face particular obstacles we need to chip away at them and clear the path to keep moving forward.

Today’s post is meant to bolster your spirit if you are trying something new and facing some obstacles. It could be frustration landing new business accounts, facing a dead end with developing a new website, or irritation with hitting new revenue goals. What are you trying to accomplish that makes you feel like there is an ice and snow boulder in your way? Can you chip away at the problem to get to other side? Do you need assistance to clear the problem? Do you need to stay focused until you complete the task?

Over time the frozen boulder was going to melt and clear our path but with focus, energy and determination I moved it so I could move on. What are you going to do with the business boulder standing in your way today?

If by chance you are a runner and want to join my company Women TIES Right to Run 19K or 5K race teams on May 7, 2016, you can find out more at this link. We would love to have you join us.

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  1. April 7, 2016 10:23 am

    Enjoyed this Tracy! None of us can say we have not experienced what it is like to face a roadblock. True success is being able to navigate around it (or jump over it!) and get to the other side. I certainly have had to in my business and in my life as a wife and mother! Will be sharing!


  2. April 7, 2016 10:45 am

    Thank you Kim for sharing your thoughts. We all hit boulders and barriers in life and entrepreneurship. It takes effort to move past them to the other side. Here is hoping you have only clear paths ahead! Tracy


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