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Wednesday Wisdom: Business Success Takes Insurmountable Belief

March 30, 2016

Business inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


As I sat in a beautiful ballroom shoulder to shoulder with three of my favorite female entrepreneurs chatting as we awaited the introduction of our mutual friend and award winning female businesswoman Deb Cabral, a memory flashed back to a Mohawk Valley event when this effervescent woman entered the doors and introduced herself as a new decluttering coach. Sometimes you remember people purely by their positive energy and boy did she have it. It has been six years since that day and I can still remember the joy she eluded.

This woman’s entrepreneurial story includes a devastating injury in 2002, becoming a certified female business owner by 2010, and creating a corporation with four divisions including production of a television show now seen across the nation in 2016. As she thanked her family, friends and supporters at the podium, I started compiling a list in my mind on why she is so accomplished.

Deb was brave from the start of her business idea to its present day success during multiple expansions, entrance into new markets and emulating her female heroine Oprah by producing her own show. She also took financial risks, added staff and kept creating new products and services to keep growing her business. She never stopped. She never looked back. She only dreamed forward with insurmountable passion and determination.

It was fitting that we were in that crowded ballroom to witness her receive a Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award from New York State Women, Inc. for her accomplishments. I have been in close contact with Deb since her journey began six years ago and remain hopeful that this is still just the beginning for her and her dreams.

I hope you think about the attributes that this successful woman possessed in order to grow her company and gain national recognition. Remember to possess abundant belief in your abilities, keep pushing through barriers to climb higher ladders, ask for financial support, surround yourself with staff and supporters and be filled with abundant joy for what you do.

insurmountableAs March comes to an end this week, I hope you are filled with insurmountable passion and determination to spring forward to accomplish your biggest dreams this year. When you do, I hope you invite me to your award ceremony to cheer you on too.

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