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Monday Motivation – Inspired by the NCAA Basketball Tournament

March 28, 2016

Business inspiration and advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


The only words playing through my mind this morning, along with bright orange images and an orange glow around my city are the words perseverance and big bold belief. There is not a person alive, a woman entrepreneur in existence or a sports team breathing that doesn’t have to wake up every single morning with a deep sense of determination, resolve and gut level motivation to succeed in their big goals every single day. Some days we must believe in them even stronger to win.

SUWomenWinBlessed to be living in Syracuse, New York today means recovering from palpitating heart rates, soaring spirits and deep affection for our communities’ success in the world of basketball, but more importantly the awe at how members of our teams – women and men alike – believed, played and conquered their sport when most experts considered their success impossible. The human spirit always rises above adversity if it believes it can.

So today if you are reading my blog post and you aren’t a basketball fan or a Syracuse University fan, let me share with you what you can derive from the picture I painted above to inspire you in business or life today:

* Really, truly, honestly…..anything you want in life is obtainable if you put in the hard work to accomplish your biggest goals. Your goal could be to become a million dollar business, land an interview on national television, accomplish your first marathon, or write your first best selling novel. Success takes hard work, action, focus and tenacity.

SUCelebration* You must also have supporters cheering you on along your journey. They don’t have to be a national audience or a dome filled with 35,000 people, or a “fandom” after-party but you need to know there are people out there willing to joyfully spread the good news about what you are doing to propel you forward. Remember you need lively fans in all aspects of life.

* When the odds say you cannot accomplish being in the Final Four NCAA Basketball tournament or overcome a horrible health diagnosis or grow a company into a national phenomena, believe you can. Have faith. Walk the walk. Work hard. Keep striving and one day just like today for Syracuse Orange Nation you will see the fruits of your labor and know that deep trust in yourself is what made it all possible.

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