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Business Inspiration: Blue Sky Above

March 23, 2016

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


The blue sky is brilliant this morning as I prepare to work. I look up and bask in its peaceful view wishing the entire world could be basked in it this morning. The airwaves are filled with dark images of smoke, destruction, and pain in people’s faces in Belgium. As I glance up at the sky, I dream of peace spreading its wings over people in that city and others around the nation who are affected by violence.

A couple weeks ago when a woman entrepreneur shared her dark days trying to save her dying business, her face was saddened as she described the agony of letting her beloved staff go, communicating with vendors on why she couldn’t pay her bills and telling her daughters they had to limit personal expenses. As she spoke about the rebirth and revitalization of her company a year later, her face brightened with a positive glow.

About a month ago I received news from a member of an immediate health issue that stopped her in her tracks. Ever since having surgery and awaiting more results, she maintains a daily mindfulness of being present today and not worrying about tomorrow. I have appreciated her positivity in light of her situation. She reminds me that we only have the present moment.

BelgiumThe theme that lies in all three stories today is not about tragedy but about hope. The hope that tomorrow will be better than today and hope that any grey sky that clouds our life or business at any moment can transition into a brilliant blue one. There is always a better tomorrow somewhere down the road. The wisdom is in the waiting and believing in positive endings.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom blog post is to remind you if you are going through a tough personal or business period in your life that “this too shall pass.” There is always a blue sky to look up at and gain beauty from today and tomorrow. There are women in our lives who have survived business failure, personal hardships and tragedy who are back on their feet again. We have role models, examples, and stories to learn from that can enrich our lives at any moment we need the inspiration. Seek out those personal stories with others going through similar circumstances to help you on your way to hope.

As I listened to Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s new meditation series one phrase stuck with me, “Whenever you feel burdened, replace heaviness with light.” I wish you always have a way to find lightness when you need it and to look up at the blue sky when the weight of your worries are too much to bear.

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  1. Zonta Club of Syracuse permalink
    April 1, 2016 8:20 am

    Inspirational and so true! Thanks, Tracy.


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