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Make Every Monday a Marketing Monday

March 21, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


It’s a bright Monday morning, the beginning of another work week as an entrepreneur and you ask yourself, “What is the first thing I should do as I open up my office?” You might automatically look at items you didn’t complete on Friday, check out your calendar to see what appointments are scheduled for the week, or peek at your social media to catch up on your friends weekend activities.

What I always do every Monday morning is to start my day planning my marketing activities for the upcoming week. Monday is now coined “Marketing Monday” in my business. It’s a philosophy I recently shared at an event for Rochester women entrepreneurs so I thought I would share the typical tasks I perform on Mondays to make it a “Marketing Monday” for my blog followers too.

* Write a blog post first thing in the morning and then post it, share it and use popular hash tags to circulate it to local, national and international followers. When you share knowledge with a blog you grow your outreach by writing more consistently and distributing it often through social media. The blog post then becomes a marketing source for your company all day long while you work on customer projects and other business duties.

* Schedule news about customers, business inspiration, educational tidbits and success strategies during the week on your social media and keep personal and family news out of your news feeds during work hours. I believe it showcases the seriousness about your business and builds your brand.

phonecalls* Map out a day or two for sales calls and appointments because sales are an essential part of marketing. Book yourself for sales activity before you start your work week so you remain committed to making calls to bring in revenue.

* Embrace a “Marketing Monday Attitude” by understanding as a solo entrepreneur or small business you must be the best promoter for your company. Practice these two mantras to help you, “It is about my business, not about my ego” and “If I don’t have money to advertise, I must promote,” when you have trouble going after publicity, promotion or free marketing for your company. You must become your own best promoter if you are going to have others learn about your business and what you offer especially if you don’t have a large advertising budget.

Remember you can own the best business in the world but if no one knows about it, you can’t sustain or grow it. Embrace marketing everyday of the week – especially on Monday mornings.

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