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The Value of a Press Release

January 5, 2016

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In 2016 I have pledged to share more of my 20 years of business knowledge with the women entrepreneurs I served and my faithful followers of my blog and weekly e-newsletter. After 2 decades in business, I know my wealth of experience and education should be shared with more entrepreneurs through my writing and speaking engagements. My business life, like my personal life, has always been about service to others. Here is a new way to serve my constituents.

The Value of a Press Release

Keep in mind the media is looking for news 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. They scour resources for interesting information and experiences of the average person who can enlighten, educate or share an experience to help their listeners, readers or viewers. Your news – whether personal or business – can be directed to the media to help them with their stories.

Below is a perfect example of a really exciting press release I wrote for one of my Women TIES members who will have an international spotlight shined on her and her company. She was wise to know being interviewed for an international story like the Oscar Pistorius case might be of interest to local, regional and national media. Women TIES was happy to produce this simple press release for her and to send it to 50 media outlets. After receiving a few calls from media already, we know her story resonates with them.

The question today for you is “What story, experience, knowledge or event are you involved in 2016 that the media may find useful for their audience?” I challenge you to make a list and learn more about how to write or distribute press releases or hire a firm to help you. Good luck. Remember, “Any PR is Great PR.”

Here is a copy of the release we sent on our member’s behalf:


anitazanninSYRACUSE, NEW YORK: Anita Zannin, Founder of AZ Forensic Associates, LLC, a Central New York company, has been selected by a South African based television production company to discuss key forensic issues not addressed in the Oscar Pistorius case.

On January 2-3, 2016 Carte Blanche, South Africa’s premier current affairs and news program, similar to CBS’s 60 Minutes Show and highly respected for its integrity and quality of journalism, will be in the United States to interview Anita Zannin, Founder of AZ Forensic Associates, LLC regarding the Oscar Pistorius Case. Zannin created AZ Forensics, LLC, in 2010 to provide an objective and accurate evaluation of legal cases requiring applications for forensic science. The company was founded in Syracuse, NY and recently relocated to Buffalo, NY.

Zannin will discuss key forensics that were not addressed or very superficially discussed during the investigation and presentation in court regarding the bloodstain evidence, pathology and shooting reconstruction of the Oscar Pistorius case.

“I am honored to provide expert insight on this well-known case based on my qualifications and reputation,” stated Zannin, who has two Bachelor of Science degrees from Buffalo State and a Master of Science degree from Syracuse University. Zannin’s background also includes creation of a tissue bank to better serve the Central New York community and teaching courses in the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute at Syracuse University for 4 years.

Carte Blanche M-Net SuperSport studioCarte Blanche has aired in Africa for 27 years and goes out on a satellite platform which is seen in 48 countries in Africa. They were responsible for the live court broadcasts during the Pistorius trial that was seen around the globe. Their new documentary is intended for wide international distribution.

For information on the interview, contact Anita Zannin 716-913-8530 or to learn more about AZ Forensics at ####

Today we hope you are inspired in 2016 to use press release more often! Reach out to us if you need one produced. We love sharing other entrepreneurs news.

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