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Goals for a Fresh New Year

January 4, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Fresh fallen snow outside my window this first Monday morning of a new business year correlates with the blank, white notepad ready to be inked with my “to do list.” As I begin to put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard, I realize I begin my list with too many small details as I begin. It is only 4 days into a new year and I’m already trying to micromanage my duties.

I stop. I back up for a moment, push my chair away from my desk, take a look outside the tranquil setting and begin again. On the top of the list the second time I write 4 bullet points:

* Big Goals
* Timely Goals
* Small Goals
* Budget Time & Money Per Goal

Although my writing mind is creative and free, my business mind is logical and practical – a perfect balance similar to being enveloped in the air of the toasty fireplace in my office with the cool crisp chill emulating from the large picture windows next to my desk. “Balance is essential if 2016 is to be successful,” I tell myself.

As I begin my 21st year as a woman entrepreneur I also know that time, money and priorities must be planned out wisely if one is to achieve business, financial and entrepreneurial goals. Although it can be hard to ink our desires, stick to them and see them evolve, we must begin in order to move forward. It’s mandatory to set goals, check back on goals, applaud successes, revise failures and continue to proceed in order to achieve.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to stop before you start this morning. Glance outside your window especially if you live in Upstate New York with a blanket of fresh snow and take your time to set big, timely and small goals for 2016 followed by a weekly or monthly action plan to accomplish them. Today is the day to embrace a blank slate and fill it with what you envision for 2016. Stay warm and inspired my friends.

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