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Business Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs – A New Financial Vision

January 6, 2016

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs


As I sat in the beautiful venue that was converted from a garage to an event room at a beautiful spa in Clinton, New York, I realized I was sitting inside a woman
entrepreneur’s dream. The space which once occupied cars, lawn mowers and garden equipment was now filled with 25 women from all walks of life discussing their unique hopes for a wonderful new start to the year. Transformation has a way of converting the ordinary into something extraordinary in so many different ways.

As I participated in a unique visioning session being held in this quaint new space, I was transported to a quiet place within where my own expectations for the
New Year existed. I found myself walking on the beautiful white sands of Sanibel Island, Florida, my most favorite place in the world, looking out at a sea foam
green ocean contemplating my thoughts and hopes for my life, business and the women I serve.

Although I was in a creative space at the moment, my mind was flooded with comments from an end of the year survey I conducted with members and women who read my inspirational e-newsletter each week. I wanted their comments to surface in this quiet space so I could best see how to help them more. Images of green dollar bills floated on the salty green water sending me the quiet message I needed to receive.

What I realized from the survey comments was no matter how hard women entrepreneurs work at their companies, they are not satisfied with the amount of money they make. I can attest to this after 20 years as an entrepreneur. I know if I compared my salary the past twenty years as a business owner to what I would have earned in a career in higher education, the retirement fund would be larger, my dream of having a house on my favorite island more of a reality and the pain of paying my son’s college bills less.

No matter how much I want to reside in this tranquil place one day, the reality is my salary as an entrepreneur will not afford me this dream. I am not disappointed by the revelation because my purpose as an entrepreneur is about more than the money in the bank; it is about trying to change the world for women. I did walk away from the vision was a focus to bring the discussion of money into the forefront for women entrepreneurs this year. I want to ensure women are doing all they can to make as much money as they forecast instead of burying our heads in the white sand about it.

Today’s post is to encourage you to commit to focusing harder on your financial figures and income dreams in 2016. If you are satisfied with what you earn for the time, I applaud you. If you struggle with equating what you make for how hard you work then join me in some lively discussion and plans to help our financial situations. Everything in life and business is possible if we commit to enlightening conversations and action plans.

pinkhouseSomeday I want my vision of the white sands of Sanibel Island to be dotted with pink houses owned by women entrepreneurs who have worked smart to earn what they need to live a good life and retire in peace. I hope you join me in this vision and walk on the beach.

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  1. January 6, 2016 3:55 pm

    Definitely need to take this advice! Will be sharing.


  2. January 7, 2016 5:51 am

    Kimberly: I am glad the post inspired you. I also appreciate you sharing it with your wonderful network. Cheers to you for a fantastic New Year. Tracy


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