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The Pinnacle of Business Success

November 10, 2015

Business inspiration and wisdom for entrepreneurs


Fifteen years ago sitting in the Adirondacks in a quaint house tucked in a mountain side, my best friend and I from Kindergarten started speaking about the vision I had for my new company that would help women entrepreneurs. It was the dawn of a new era for women becoming business owners.

As I explained the vision for my company, she said, “Tracy it sounds like you want to lift women up to a higher place than where they are so they can become successful.” I thought for a moment and said to her as I looked out the window at the rugged scenery, “I envision each women entrepreneur I know climbing their own “business” mountain at different heights and levels of the climb with some even standing on top of their mountains too. I want to be the one who helps women in all stages of their climb until I look out one day to see a vista of tall mountains with women entrepreneurs standing on top of each peak.” My artistic vision of my company’s mission has never been clearer to me than that moment.

Landmannalaugar, West-Island, Island * Landmannalaugar, West-Island, Island. Digital Photo; Copyright: Klaus Fengler.

Landmannalaugar, West-Island, Island * Landmannalaugar, West-Island, Island.
Digital Photo;
Copyright: Klaus Fengler.

When I arrived back from a recent trip to New York City where I met a woman entrepreneur named Inga Farney who owns a company called which provides running vacations in Iceland, I realized not only do I want to connect with American women entrepreneurs but global women too. All of a sudden my vista expanded.

My question for you today is what does your business vision look like? What images are part of the people you want to help? What visuals come to mind? Have you taken any time to be inspired by a vision that could set the tone for your entrepreneurial efforts?

If not, I hope today you are inspired to close your eyes or have a conversation with a great friend and envision what the success of your business efforts produces. I surely hope that you become one of the thousands of women entrepreneurs I have met the past twenty years who has climbed the rugged terrain and reached the pinnacle of her own mountain and takes the time to look around to see all the other women standing on top of theirs. Success must include a vision.

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  1. November 10, 2015 4:18 pm

    I love your advice that success must include a vision. It’s so easy to get caught up with what you’re doing at the moment that you don’t stop to look at the bigger picture and see exactly where you’re heading and what the possibilities truly are. We should’t be scared to dream big. Thank you #261Fearless


  2. November 11, 2015 5:24 am

    Dr. Juliet: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our blog post. I agree with you that we shouldn’t be afraid to dream big. Why live small? Tracy


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