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Century Old Wisdom For Women & Female Business Owners

November 6, 2015

Inspiration and wisdom for women, women entrepreneurs and female business owners


One more glorious late fall day inspired me to go outside during my lunch hour to sit underneath one of the seven 100 year old maple trees in my yard so I could experience the blissful warm day that would be ending soon. As I sat there, the last remnants of once green spring leaves dropped down around me. I felt like I was in a snow globe minus the white precipitation. Time stood still and I was mesmerized by the beauty of the moment.

I am someone who has always loved the color green – like the fresh buds of saplings in April, the color of my childhood house, the water color off Sanibel Island and the color of a fresh dollar bill. Green represents positive energy in my mind – the kind I want around me all the time. Sitting under the tree with once green leaves, now in brown hues, falling reminded me my favorite season had come to an end and a transition was once again underway.

Periodically I sit at the desk I’ve used for 20 years as an entrepreneur and experience the same feeling. New becomes old, then old becomes new again, and a hundred transitions occur in the seasons of entrepreneurial life. What is new fuels our energy and becomes our priority. What is old lingers on awaiting dismissal or reworking. One is future focused and one dwells in the past. But in business as in life, we realize something old has a much value as something new, it just allows us a different perspective.

My grandmother’s words of wisdom reside in my heart alongside the laughter of my two young sons. Our worlds will always be a combination of what is old and what is new and so it is in business. We couldn’t possibly be where we are today if it wasn’t for our past. We would have had no future path if we didn’t start our business journey someplace. When the forks in the road appeared along the way, we paused to consider the options. Many of us took the road less traveled ready to experience high risk for high reward and the embraced the anticipation of uncertainty.

Today stop for a short period of time to recall your past, to reminisce over your journey, to recognize where you stand today and to envision where you still want to go. You can review your personal or business life. Ask yourself, what still matters the most? What am I willing to do to remain happy or become more satisfied? Do I believe the best is yet to come – and if so what is it that’s coming? I hope you’ll envision 3 goals that instantly pop up in your mind right now and investigate their current and future worth in pursuing.

Sometimes we need time to stand still long enough – perhaps under a beautiful old maple tree on a warm fall day – to catch a glimpse of time moving slowly so we can focus on what we have left to do that matters the most to us.

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