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Expanding Your Business and Personal World

November 4, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


One by one they entered the townhouse…a woman from Austria, Australia, Iceland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and then Colorado, Louisiana, Oregon, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas and Virginia…soon we were sitting around a long dining room table sharing stories about ourselves, our lives and running. Fate had summoned us to the table and we traveled far and wide to accept the invitation.

During four days and nights we spoke about our passion for our cultures, our love for running, our professions and the reason we accepted the invitation to be in New York. Each morning we arose before the light of day to run from the brownstone we were housed in five blocks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and around it to weave through Central Park as a pack of fearless female runners. Most of my new friends are marathoners but they never left me too far behind them. United we were. United we ran.

When we finally had to leave each other it was bittersweet because we had opened our hearts and spirits to a new world of national and global sisters we might not see again. Within 24 hours of being away from each other as a group, we were already trying to find ways to stay connected. My Louisiana roommate joined me in spirit on a run yesterday as we decided to run together at the same time pretending we were still running through Central Park.

What I love about females, whether they are new running friends, long time girlfriends or inspirational women entrepreneurs is that we bond quickly, we support each other and we continue to help each other even after our time together has passed. Without a doubt, I am grateful to be a woman because of this truth.

FearlessGroupNYCToday’s blog post is meant to have you realize you have the opportunity at any moment to be surrounded with girlfriends, sister entrepreneurs, and even new global or national females whose hearts and spirits are similar to your own. When is the last time you opened yourself up to a new experience that includes meeting national women or global sisters? Are you living too small? Do you want to expand your world and the women in it?

If your answer is yes, start attending more of our Women TIES programs or look for events and opportunities to meet more national or global women within your industry or personal interest areas to open up your world, heart and spirit.

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  1. November 4, 2015 10:17 am

    It is always good to expand your horizons. And I especially appreciate my women comrades! It is so true that women tend to bond quickly when they have things in common. I know I have done this with many different “groups” over my lifetime ~ my teammates in school, my newly married friends, then the parents of my children’s friends. I now happily include my women entrepreneur friends ~ both those I have met in person and those I only know online!


  2. November 4, 2015 12:23 pm

    Thank you Kim for your comments. I totally agree with you! Cheers to the different women who enter our lives. Tracy


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